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  • The ears have it: five tips for achieving an elegant, effortless wedding day look
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The ears have it: five tips for achieving an elegant, effortless wedding day look

Choosing your perfect pair of wedding earrings

As the big day draws nearer, keeping those all-important preparations on track can prove overwhelming for even the most organised of brides. So how do you go about creating the perfect look for you and your bridesmaids?

Choosing a dress (and hairstyle) is undoubtedly the priority as it will set the tone for the general theme and colour scheme of your wedding, and help you decide on the rest of the look – think bridesmaid dresses, shoes, veils, make-up, and of course, your wedding earrings. Follow our handy tips to give you some inspiration and help you pick the perfect pair.

Light up the room

Choosing colours, shades and tones is really important, as you need to make sure your earrings complement not only your dress, but also your complexion, bridal accessories and general wedding theme. For example, rose gold works really well with spring pastels, whereas yellow gold expresses a more autumnal feel and will complement an ivory dress. Demand for rose gold has increased dramatically over the past two years as copper and rose gold wedding themes have become popular. This year, yellow gold has also soared in popularity as brides opt for metallic and/or botanical themes.

Rose Gold Crystal and Pearl Earrings - Katherine SwaineEmerald Cut Crystal Droplet Earrings - Katherine Swaine

Meanwhile, if you’re going for a more traditional theme, you can’t go wrong with silver and white gold. These colours have stood the test of time and really come into their own in a cooler setting, such as a ‘winter wonderland’ wedding, or alongside a white dress. If you’re struggling for ideas, take a look at our gallery

Add some sparkle

Before choosing a gemstone, consider the detail on your dress and/or shoes. For example, if the material is embellished with beading, choose a similar stone in your earrings. Alternatively, a simpler design provides a blank canvas for you to choose a jewel which will make your outfit sparkle. This year, current favourites are pearls, crystals, cubic zirconia and marcasite.

Deco Inspired Pearl Drop Earrings - Katherine Swaine Filigree Marcasite Silver Earrings - Katherine Swaine Silver Pear Shaped Pave Drop Earrings - Katherine Swaine 

Shape up your look

The shape of your earrings depends mainly on the neckline of your dress, the type of necklace if applicable, and your chosen hairstyle, hence the importance of deciding what to do with your hair well in advance of sourcing any jewellery. A lower neckline affords the opportunity for longer drop earrings or statement earrings, while studs, short drop earrings or hoops tend to suit a higher neckline or a more elaborate dress design.   

Silver Trio of Pave Teardrop Earrings - Katherine Swaine9ct Gold Channel Set Cubic Zirconia Hoop Earrings - Katherine Swaine

Cubic Zirconia Flower Stud Earrings - Katherine Swaine

Doing it in style

Over the years, overarching wedding themes have become more and more integral to the day’s proceedings. From classic or modern, to vintage inspired (or even original vintage), whatever you choose, you can be sure there is a style of earring to complete the look. Have a think about the elements of your theme that will be on display throughout the day, for example, floral arrangements and designs, or decorative art styles (such as art deco props). It’s also worth considering that different stones complement different styles of jewellery, so for example, pearls go well with vintage styles of earring.

Rhinestone Embellished Pearl Drop Earrings 

Be true to you

Although it can be tempting to choose something you wouldn’t normally go for, if you’re treating yourself to a pair of earrings, make sure you love them enough to wear them again and again. To get a feel of the longevity of your earrings, don’t just try them on with your dress – take some time to experiment and try them on with other outfits, for example your favourite cocktail dress or perhaps a smart work suit. While it’s great to explore new shapes and styles, it’s crucial that you’re comfortable wearing them well in advance of the big day, so for example, if you normally wear studs but are braving heavier long drop earrings, leave them in a for few hours when you’re trying them on.

With a little help, a little research, and perhaps even a glass of wine for good measure, wedding planning doesn’t have to be a chore. They may be a small part of your outfit, but the right pair of bridal earrings will really set off your wedding day ensemble.  

Crystal and Pearl Leverback Earrings

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